Thinking of the Great Barrier Reef, some kangaroos, and a tropical Christmas? Well, we know you’re talking about Australia, but the culture of Australia stretches so far beyond the age-old sights and sounds that after you’re done here, you’re going to forget all about koala’s and start wondering how to reach Australia in the quickest way possible.

Targa Tasmania:

Now, we know the Australian Open is the star of Australia’s sports offerings, a globally watched event that you couldn’t miss even if you wanted to at the beginning of the year (seriously, switch on the television right about now), but if fast cars and an adrenaline rush is more your thing, the Targa Tasmania is a good place to start. Six days of exotic fast cars, tough challenges, scenic routes, mountain passes, and GT cars in a race that could put your NFS skills to shame, what more could you ask for?

Margaret River Wine Region Festival:

Of course, then there’s those of you who insist a vacation should be more chilled out than that. We hear you, but have you heard of the Margaret River Wine Region Festival? If not, book your tickets for November now! Forget the Sulafest, here are four days of wine, food, music, and art for every connoisseur and layperson on the planet. brazilian passport application form

Melbourne Comedy Festival:

Okay, okay, so you’d rather be a teetotaler on your vacation. We’re tempted to laugh, but we’re going to save our humor for the incredible Melbourne Comedy Festival that’s a real treat every year. We’re not kidding! It’s coming up around March, so we suggest planning your holiday in a hurry. It’s the largest cultural event in Australia and as far as comedy goes, it’s the third-largest international comedy festival – in the world. Clowns, comedians… we wouldn’t know where to start if we had to tell you what to look forward to.

Peats Ridge Festival:

Got a bit of social conscience? Well, there’s volunteer support you could sign up for at the Peats Ridge Festival – you’ll be helping out and you’ll get a free ticket for the event. You’ll have to wait until the end of the year, but it’s well worth the wait with the three days of visual, installation and performance arts on offer there. It’s a camping event, so get ready for some great party & fun activities too. Oh, and you’ll get to soak up some ancient Australian culture too, with all the indigenous activities it encourages and showcases.

River Festival:

If you really love the outdoors, you can take it one step further and head for the River Festival at Queensland. The 10-day festival is all about the outdoors, great activities along the river and a chance to celebrate the natural landscape we’re sure you’re looking forward to taking a peek at. Many festivals also take place in Egypt, If you want to fly to Egypt use Visa For Egypt

Rainbow Serpent Festival:

Miss the seventies? Try heading over to the Rainbow Serpent festival. It’s a bit much for non-hippies, but for those who crave to go back to flower power, you can express all that freedom and creativity at the four-day festival while you merge with some modern electronic music and go a bit nuts running around in circles catching sprays from the sprinklers.

No, we weren’t going to forget the music! Australia is all about natural surroundings, sun and waves and all of that – but they’ve got their music festivals right on track too. You’ll have a ball at the all-Australian Homebake, but you could skip all the baking and sunburn and head over to the more sophisticated Melbourne International Jazz Festival. If you’re looking to go a bit crazy and have oodles of fun though, don’t miss Parklife, your go-to dance festival. If you’d rather be somewhere Nirvana once was, try Big Day Out, it’s definitely on our list. Be prepared to embrace the modern, more mainstream music fans and you’ll be just alright here.

These are just a few activities you could be doing. Australia has a lot more to offer you during the holidays.

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